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From volunteer to NRCS Khorixas office manager 20 Sep 2012


My Good Times in the NRCS


By Ernt Boois

Starting as a youth volunteer

I joined the NRCS in 1999 as a youth volunteer (in-school youth). During that time, two groups were established, in-school and out-of-school youths, by the district officer Ms. Elsie  //Khaises. That same year, I did my first aid training in Khorixas.

As an in-school youth volunteer, I was elected as the secretary. We were having various activities for the national society in Khorixas, such as environment cleaning campaigns and representing the national society at national events held in Khorixas with drama and songs. We held our regular meetings at the Red Cross building in Khorixas each Wednesday.


Becoming one of the first home based care volunteers in Windhoek

When I completed school, I moved to Windhoek for further studies but due to financial constraints I could not continue and found myself working for a security company in Windhoek at KFC. One day at work, I saw a Red Cross car and decided to introduce myself as the NRCS volunteer for Kunene, Khorixas. Without delay I visited the head quarters in Windhoek and met all the staff and youth volunteers.

I had good times with the volunteers, namely Richard, Obeb, Cicel, Hilde, Modise, Hilgard, Calvin, just to name a few. They were a very hard working and committed group. I soon decided to leave the security company and continue my volunteerism with the NRCS in Windhoek.

We were the first group to start home-based care in the Khomas region in 2003. Our training included two weeks practical training at Katutura state hospital under the coordination Ms. Fedrika Herero.  During that time, two volunteers were given permission by the Ministry of Health to go and study nursing. Today they are both qualified nurses thanks to the NRCS.


Returning to Khorixas

After a few months, I decided to go back to Khorixas and continue with my volunteer work because were people there in need who were not getting services at home. I used what I learnt in my time volunteering in Windhoek to improve the way volunteers were working in Khorixas. I grouped all trained home-based carers by the Ministry of Health and other organizations and we drew up an action/activity plan – like we did in Windhoek. I was the focal person for home based carers in Khorixas and every month I decided to send a report to NRCS headquarters on the activities we did in Khorixas.  I soon became the representative of the NRCS in Khorixas at meetings within the constituencies and regional meetings.


Why I volunteered

What I can tell today is that being a youth volunteer or taking part in any youth activity really helps you gain more skills and knowledge. If you want your dreams to come true, just work very hard, nothing comes easy in life, hard work is the key for better success. I am proud to say today that I learnt a lot during my seven years as a volunteer with the NRCS. And I have now been a full time staff member for almost seven years.

I did my volunteer work out of my free will.  I really wanted to help my people, who were in need of service.  Today with the NRCS, I feel like I achieve my goal and I will continue to serve my people with the support of the national society.

Together we can make a difference, lets continue to give our volunteer services to the nation and the world at large.