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The spirit of volunteerism on display at Polytech Cultural Festival 05 Dec 2013

Namibia Red Cross Khomas youth volunteer, and Polytech student, Alfred Ipinge, with two new members of the Polytechnic of Namibia Red Cross Club.


The spirit of volunteerism on display at Polytech Cultural Festival

By Alfred Ipinge, Namibia Red Cross Society Khomas youth volunteer

The Polytechnic of Namibia celebrated their weeklong annual Cultural Festival in Windhoek on 12 August 2013 with various organizations showcasing what they have to offer. One of these is the newly created Namibia Red Cross Society Youth Club: the Polytechnic of Namibia Red Cross Club (PONRCC).

The event drew in much attention from external stakeholders thus attracting many people to the PONRCC stall for their brief one-on-one session with Red Cross volunteers.

Khomas National Organizational Development Coordinator and Voluntary National Manager, Rodney Cloete was overwhelmed by the eagerness and enthusiasm of the volunteers who came to help out.  “It is so important for the Namibia Red Cross to recruit youth who will take up the mission of helping vulnerable people in their communities.  I am so pleased to see the commitment and humanitarian spirit of our future leaders,” he said.

Founder and club president, Mr. Alfred Ipinge, expressed his delight at obtaining a stall and illustrating the culture of volunteerism among students at the Cultural Festival was the first assignment on the club’s roster.

Ipinge also described the new club activities on the day as a complete success with various onlookers paying close interest to what club members had on display. “A total of 17 students joined the club as volunteers and more are expected to soon follow suite,” said Ipinge. Newly enlisted youth club volunteer Angelina Shipweya said “I am excited at the prospect of volunteering because volunteering amongst the youth of Namibia is lacking at the moment, with monetary gain becoming more of a priority”.



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