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Organisational Development

Organisational Development

The term Organisational Development fits within the wider term of National Society Development.  It refers to strengthening Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies so they can better carry out their humanitarian mandate of alleviating human suffering and assisting vulnerable people.

This overall goal can be achieved through the interplay of three key components:

  • Organisational Development focuses on strengthening a National Society at all levels to achieve the characteristics of a well‐functioning National Society. It includes planning, governance, management, structures, human resources, image, finances, and sustainability.
  • Capacity Buildingfocuses on strengthening a National Society’s services, related structures, staff and volunteers to assist, work with and empower vulnerable people at the community level in core programme areas.
  • Relationship Developmentfocuses on strengthening a National Society to develop and manage its communications and partnerships with others having a mutual interest in assisting vulnerable people. This includes the members and secretariat of the Federation, ICRC, individuals, the private sector, government and civil society. Relationships need to be well managed for them to be beneficial to the National Society.

Organizational Development cuts across all programmes and provides the necessary support for Namibia Red Cross to function effectively. It provides a crucial link between the Headquarters, Regions and the Branches and among the programmes because it integrates OD components into our different programmes. The goal of the organizational component is for the National Society to function effectively as a strong National Society. The society will achieve this by building and strengthening the capacity of the society in the following areas:

Governance and management- Improving the capacity to manage in an efficient and effective way.

Branch development- Setting up institutional structures, and strengthening existing structures at branch level.

Volunteer and membership management- Improving the management of volunteers and membership

Youth Red Cross development- Increasing the involvement of youth in NRCS activities.

Human Resource development- Setting up support systems andcapacity building ofhuman resource.